Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Using Shapes to Learn Fractions

Pinterest is a unique tool that students can use to get creative. I would allow my students to use this website to find fun projects according to the project being done. Hopefully by doing this it gives them the creative thinking skills a first graders should use. In my project I did for students was a "Shapes Activity" on how to use fractions. Below are my steps and images for the project

                              Step 1: Make your fun and skills learning worksheet for the students.

Step 2: Cut out your shapes and some extras just incase!

Step 3: Glue pieces accordingly to the question!

Step 4: Write your answers in the blank given on the worksheet!

Step 5: Fill in the blanks to the fun color questions at the bottom of the sheet!

During this project I learned how to become patient and use time wisely. Teachers are taken for granted now-a-days because everyone thinks they're just taking the easy route through college to get a degree (what I've heard from others), which isn't true at all. You either want to be a teacher or you don't, there is no second guessing because once you do you're already behind. So doing the pinterest project made me even more excited to teach because of all the fun activities I saw that you can do with your kids in the classroom.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Cool Tools 4 Schools

Comiqs is a website that allows students to get their minds going and be creative. You can create cartoon pages using your own design and photos. I think for first graders this would be a fun way for them to use their imaginations and make fun writings.


Here you can see shared stories and pictures about all places in our lives. You can upload and share different videos, images and sounds. It is an easy way for others to view about our lives in the U.S. I do believe this website would be a fun way for kids to learn more about our world.
This website allows you to make charts, plots and diagrams and put them online . This would be an easier way for the teacher to grade. Instead of having to grade worksheets it would be easier and much more fun for both student and teacher to do everything online.

This is my favorite. This is something I could even use for the kids to get online and look at. Here I can make quiz games for them to study on and also be fun for them to learn. I would definitely use this in my classroom for studying and even group work.

This is a drawing program for young children. They can draw with different pens, put stamps and drawings on the page and make text effects. This would be a fun website to reward your kids for doing something good in class. It gets them using technology and creative thinking.


Vcasmo is a website that allows students to make multimedia presentations using photos and videos. This website looks to be easy for any age group to work with and use easily. I would use this for in class presentations to make it more interesting to look at than a child using a poster board.


I chose this website because it is a trusted website and for the grades I am wanting to teach they do not know better between right and wrong statements on the internet. So a safe and reliable research base is really helpful for any teacher. I would definitely have my kids use this for their research papers much rather than Google or Wikipedia to find answers.


Here you can diagram your own charts and put them online. This is another easy website to grade children on their use of graphs and diagrams. I could grade easily online because maybe I could not read some of the children's graphs on paper.
Here students can find a more useful way to convert all kinds of documents, including audio, video, photos and even books. It allows  an online viewer that allows you to view documents straight from your browser. I do think this would be a reliable and easy way to convert anything that we do in the classroom that they might want to save for later or even view.
This website allows you to share your audio easily. Here kids can make their own audio and turn it in here. I could use this for grading different things. They could answers many questions using this website and all I would have to do is listen.  

Monday, April 6, 2015

About Me

Hi, I am Haleigh Henson. I am 19 years old, twenty in October. I attend Henderson State University where I study Early Childhood Education and also play basketball for the Lady Reddies. My family consist of my little sister who is a senior in high school and will attend Arkansas Tech University to play softball. I was raised by Craig and Stacy Henson; my mother is a radiologist and sonographer, and my dad is a manager/owner of a car dealership. I was first introduced to early childhood education when my aunt asked me to come help her teach her first grade class for the day. I immediately fell in love with all the little kids. A little more about me, I enjoy being with my family the most, next to playing basketball. I am sure by now you are wondering what my blog is going to be about.

In 2007 my sister and I were diagnosed with Celiac Disease, a rare disease located in the small intestines. If you do not know what this is a better way to explain it would be to just say that I am allergic to pizza, Americas favorite food. It wasn't easy, it took a lot of trips to Children's Hospital and a lot of tears later I have never felt better. Some people may know this as being "Gluten Free" and I have known it to be this way for eight years now. It gets easier as you go, all the temptations seem to become easier to turn down, and all the looks when telling someone you're allergic to cookies become a blur. Trust me, the looks I get ordering a cheeseburger without a bun is priceless but knowing it could help me live longer just makes me smile and turn away from all the negative thoughts and weird looks. So here I am writing a blog to those who need someone who understands them, and someone who can give you some of mommy's best gluten free foods. Enjoy!